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Active shooter defense systems designed to fortify schools and other businesses.

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Since Columbine in 1999, more than 338,000 students in the U.S. have experienced gun violence at school.
14 people are injured in a mass shooting when shooter is stopped by law enforcement.
3 people are injured in a mass shooting when shooter is stopped by civilians.
678 shootings with casulties since 2000 in the U.S.
Only 35% of school shootings were stopped by police.
Every year, school shootings have become more common since 1999.

We secure schools through an integrated step by step program.


We fortify schools by installing bullet proof windows, walls, and armored doors. In addition, we install security screens on windows and security film on on glass.


We train school staff and students to run, hide, fight in an active shooter event. We cover all the details of each in depth and prepare students and faculty to confidently respond to each situation.


We teach staff and students how to field treat any children during an active shooter situation.

How the process works

Our comprehensive program emphasizes preparation for students and staff. Preparation and knowledge give confidence in tense situations. This is our best and first line of defense. If students and staff know what to do in an active shooter situation and can respond with confidence and knowledge, the likelihood of devestating outcomes diminishes. We teach and train on what to do, how to respond following the run, hide, fight methodology.

We reinforce this with staff training for field injuries. Simple field treatment techniques can save lives and our instructors comprehensively train each staff member on these basic and easily-learned techniques.

Finally, by fortifying each classroom and public area with bullet-resistant windows and wall systems, we can isolate and mitigate any potential damage done by an active shooter event. Each classroom becomes a fortress that deters attackers and protects students and staff. These security measures act as a wall between the attacker and students and staff. And importantly, they are invisible and discrete. Schools and other public areas don't need to look like a prison to be secure. Our security products protect and fortify while allowing students and staff to carry on like normal.

Founded by Don Lee, retired LVMPD Counterterrorism Detective; Tyler Dixon, CEO of DXN Security; Randy Klenoski retired LVMPD & LAPD; and Dean Hennesy retired LVMPD. With over 50 years of combined law enforcement and security experience, our founders have a mission to protect our children from active shooter events. There are things we can do. We don’t have to simply resign to be victims. We can prepare and train ourselves and even fight back if need be. Following simple techniques in training and preparation paired with security products can and will prevent immense damage, destruction, and suffering. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your school. We’ve worked with schools, businesses, and other non-profit organizations to protect, train, and fortify them against active shooter events.

Ultra tough security screens, window film, and bullet resitant glass secure, protect, and fortify schools.

Security Screens

Ultra strong tensile tough steel mesh looks just like normal screens but provides incredible protection against intrusion.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Siege glass provides bullet resistant protection and keeps intruders out. Fits on any window or doors with window panels.

Bullet Proof Wall Systems

Utilizing polycarbonate, we bullet proof walls with secure layers that will secure and foritfy the school.

Retired police department veterans and counterterrorism specialists instruct our training sessions.

Drawing upon our experience from over 50 combined years of law enforcement and counterterrorism experience, our instructors teach and train a simple, easy, and effective framework for active shooter events.

Run, hide, fight.

This methodology has proven effective against active shooters. Our aim is to arm each student and staff member with knowledge and confidence during a potentially tense and deadly event. With knowledge and confidence, students and staff will be able to respond effectively, save themselves and others, and mitigate any harm.

We believe that knowledge and confidence are your first and best line of defense. Our instructors pass along their knowledge in an easy to understand and effective manner. Coming from a place of ultimate experience, we can train students and staff to respond with confidence to active shooters.

Simple and effective field treatment for injuries.

Our former law enforcement instructors teach a variety of simple field treatment techniques.

These are easy to learn and effective in injury treatment in active shooter scenarios. These field treatments can save lives.

This also helps staff have confidence in active shooter scenarios. Armed with knowledge of not only how to respond in a way to reduce harm, but how to treat any wounds or injuries, staff can take an active role in their school's defense and the protection of children.

Fortify your school with discrete measures designed to protect what matters most.

Deter active shooters while protecting each classroom. Our process turns each classroom, public area, and office into secure fortresses that deter and delay active shooters while protecting students and staff.

Our security services and products blend seamlessly into the existing framework of the school infrastructure. They are invisible and allow students and staff to feel safe while not feeling like they attend class in a prison envirmonment.

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Expertise from experience

Designed and implemented by former counterterrorism law enforcement.

Our Commitment to Security

Security Assessment Group was founded by former community law enforcement with over 50 years of combined experience including counterterrorism.

Our founders have experience in fortification techniques, response scenarios, and field treatment methods that help save lives in active shooter situation.

We bring this knowledge of how to stay safe and secure to every school. With our knowledge and experience, we can give you an accurate assessment of your school's vulnerabilities, how to secure and fortify, and ultimately how to respond if the unthinkable happens.

Preparation is key. Learning and knowing how to respond will arm your students and staff with confidence.

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The Technology behind the security

Crimsafe security screen technology
bullet resistant glass
security window film
The School Guardian Project's Mission and Vision.

The School Guardian Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps raises funds for schools that don't have money set aside for fortification or protection efforts.

Our mission is to protect schools from active shooter events, especially for those most vulnerable schools who may not have the funds.

The School Guardian Project will help raise funds in order to protect and fortify the school according to Security Assessment Group's ethos.

First, we prepare the school with discrete fortifications designed to invisibly protect the school and each classroom. We install security screens on each window and door, install bullet resistant glass on key windows, and bullet proof wall systems. In the case of an active shooter event, this limits harm and potential damage and also protects each individual classroom.

Next, we train the staff and students on proper responses to active shooter events. Our philosophy follows the Run, Hide, Fight method of active shooter response theory. First run, then hide, then fight when you have to. But overall, be prepared, keep calm, and respond in a calm, trained, and measured manner. Preparation is the key to proper response.

Lastly, we conduct field treatment seminars for staff. These simple key treatment techniques can help save lives in the heat of an active shooter event.

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Recently Completed Projects

We've fortified schools, religious sites, and government buildings.

At Security Assessment Group, once we complete a project, we strive to keep as many details private as possible for security purposes.

Give us a call or schedule a consultation and we can talk further about your project and answer any questions you many have.

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